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Increase your cost-efficiency of water treatment production twice

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High quality reagents at affordable prices

We develop reagents by self, which help us to keep both quality at the European and US level, and reduction of production costs

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We provide you with an individual treatment program to meet your needs. On demand, we can train your specialists in our classroom and laboratory

ISO 9001:2015

We are a modern mobile enterprise, which has all necessary certificates including ISO 9001:2015 for production and laboratory


"How can I choose appropriate chemicals for my case?" - a Customer

We have 8 product lines in each line of 10 to 15 products - these are only top sellers. The whole range of our products is wider. That is why we support you with the best service and advise products suitable only for you.

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European standards with lower prices

The only thing that matters is quality, quality that meets all mandatory standards. Price is secondary. But why do overpay when you can get both?

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High concentrations of active ingredients in our reagents can dramatically reduce the cost of logistics and transportation. That's where the savings come.

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Your equipment - Now, what is most valuable

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Using our reagents, you extend the life of your equipment up to 50%. it's the same as if you wore your shoes, and they would stop wearing out.

Your case is always the special one

We believe that technical support is very important. Therefore, we do not only help to choose the necessary reagents, but we also train your specialists in our classes and laboratories.

Food industry's reagents 

Membrane plants' reagents

Biocides and Biodiepers

Chemical industry's reagents

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After installing a biocidal system for circulating water, research results have been improved by 43 percent and now meet regulatory requirements.

LLC "Agrana Fruit Ukraine", Vinnitsa

The employees of the "Osnova" company have been washing the reverse osmosis system. Before the start of ablution, the salinity in the permeate was 338 mg/l, after it - 82 mg/l. Fitting productivity increased from 3.2 m3/h to 5,8 m3/h. Your company has provided us with such a service not for the first time. We are satisfied with the result of the work every time.

LLC "Globinskiy Myasokombinat"

We have taken a complex of works for cleaning for our membranes of the brand "Dow Chemical Co", USA. Everything was done accurately, efficiently, the final operation of the device complies with regulatory requirements.

LLC "Gradoliya"

About us



LLC Chemical Factory Osnova was founded in 2012. 

Our enterprise was founded by engineers and scientists from the field of water treatment and energy. 

Now the company has a successful experience in introducing the manufactured chemical products at more than 250 enterprises in Ukraine. The company is not only a manufacturer, but also a reagent formulation developer. The range of products contains more than 600 products and is constantly updated with new products. 

We work in such areas as water and sewage treatment, membrane water treatment, food industry, engineering, metallurgy, mining, etc. In January 2018, we passed the ISO 9001: 2015 certification, confirming the appropriate level of quality management. Currently, the company employs 15 people, of whom 10 have the qualification of an engineer in the chemical industry or water treatment systems, 3 people have the qualification of a master and 1 person with a PhD degree. Thus, the company has a complete closed loop from development with tests to implementation with support in the industry.

The director of the Chemical Factory Osnova LLC received the qualification of a water treatment engineer in 2000. In the same year he began a scientific research, and in 2006 he defended his thesis, receiving the qualification phD. From 2000 to 2012 he worked in the field of water treatment from the position of design engineer to the chief engineer in the company of the direction of thermal power. Since 2008, Nechitailo N.P. is the founder of the company working in the field of water treatment and purification of water. In 2012, the company LLC "Osnova Chemical Factory" was opened with a team of like-minded people as a research and production enterprise where he became a director. Using the obtained production and scientific experience, more than 1000 different reagent compositions were developed, tested and got approbation and optimal reagents for different types of industries were determined. Now, Nechitailo N.P. has more than 50 scientific papers and 12 patents for inventions; he is working on a thesis on the improvement of membrane technology for water preparation.